I opened 100 beta-packs with potions, how much profit did I make?

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Welcome folks! I wanted to do this post for a while now, but didn't really take the time to do so yet!

As you can see from the title and the thumbnail, I'm gonna talk about my experience opening 100 Beta packs!

How I got the packs: a few weeks ago the DEC price hovered around 80cents per 1000, so I decided that this would be the time to buy some packs! I bought some steem, transfered in to steem-engine and ordered nearly 295K DEC.
I bought a bit less, since I had some DEC ingame, but I needed a total of 250K.

@ottermaker was still selling beta-packs at that point for a price of 2500 DEC per pack. So Ive sent 250k his way, to get my packs!
Note: He is not selling betas anymore! Right now you can get UNTAMED packs for 1800 DEC each.

In addition to the 250K, I needed another 45K DEC to buy some potions!



These potions come with 500 charges each, meaning you can use them for 500 cards, which is the number contained in 100 packs. :)

So heres the result, before we go into a little breakdown.

end result.JPG

I made a total of 19.38$ profit! Im very happy with that, its not a loss and I had a great time opening the packs! It was a bunch of fun.

I took really long to open them, nearly two hours, becouse I was firstly only openin them one by one, and secondly I was taking notes of all the cards in an excel sheet!

I also did some calculations about profit or loss at each "10 pack mark".

pack marks.JPG

As you can see, the first ten packs and the last 10 packs have been the best ones haha!

Heres what my collection value looks like on peakmonsters.

beta prices.JPG

(Note 1: Im keeping the cards on my second account @taichou , thats why the name is different)
(Note 2: I opened another 30 packs, without potions at some later time, so thats not the value just from the 100 packs.)
(Note 3: I just sold a Selenia Sky for 9.90$ and a Air Elemental for 2.95$ yesterday, so that value needs to be added)

My beta cards have increased in value somewhat! Noteables are the EPICS summoners, most of them have been around 1.50$ when I opened the packs, but are around 2$+ now.

Heres some screenshots that show which cards I got per splinter.





I recently decided to calculate how much I invested into #splinterlands since I started a few weeks ago.

I spent around 653$ on the game so far, this number does not include the 1215$ I paid for the UNTAMED kickstarter.

And all my ingame assets (Cards+Peakcredit+DEC) is worth around 752$ (as of yesterday).

That means that I made 99$ profit so far! So a thanks to @aggroed and @yabapmatt :)

I hope to only increase this number in the future thanks to untamed!



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What a great Splinterlands post! An upvote from Steem Monsters is headed your way!
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This is some awesome "flippening" profits happening here! Check out nealmcspadden's wall for awesome flippening videos and charts!~ @clove71

Really interesting to see the data of people buying monsters. This game is awesome!

I really enjoyed this post and what a Great Breakdown of how the Pack Openings went. Good Luck to You Going Forward.............

Thanks! I plan to do more of those once untamed is released. :)