Whoa look, an update! Airdrop status

I think this is pretty good for 550 eligible packs. It's certainly better than the 0 cards I got for the last airdrop. And what's more is I got a gold one! A gold summoner is always good to have.

Now the question is... if I'm not going to be playing, should I combine the 24 cards? I'm guessing no. For now, I won't, because obviously it cannot be undone afterwards. I think it sometimes takes a while for people to figure out how much they really want the airdropped cards, so it may not be evident immediately how much people are willing to pay for this card.

What else is up?

I haven't missed playing. Honestly, like I said, it got to feel more like a chore toward the end anyway. I did play a couple of random games here and there on some of my alt accounts, but only when I was extremely bored. I'll be getting a few rewards cards from those in a couple of hours as well. Rewards cards are still a little more exciting than they were previously due to all of the new ones that were released somewhat recently.

More than half of my cards seem to have sold already, which is cool. There's still Archmage Arius, which is by far the most valuable one. I've got it on the market for lower than anyone else, I think... I have to kind of go in and check because people kind of go in and also check and lower their prices accordingly. I try not to set anything too far below anyone else so as not to drive down the market prices too much, but I also want to have them priced competitively. PeakMonsters makes it super easy to do that now.

Besides Selenia Sky, that's my only legendary card left. Crazy! Actually, I've got a Chain Golem still, but it's in an account that has all of my Untamed cards. I'm not selling those just yet because I feel like their value is in flux.

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my 6 packs have yielded no airdrops yet - ya get what ya pay for LOL

I actually discovered I did have one of the last airdrop cards, just on another account. I got zero for like 400+ packs on this account, but forgot I bought like 70 packs on another one. In that 70 packs, I got one of the legendary cards. I should keep better track! 😂

I had five more of the ones that dropped today, too. Gonna hang onto them for a while. I did play a little bit on another account with that new summoner and it’s better than I thought. Adding armor to any splinter is nice.

I hope it’s becomes really popular so I can sell the gold one for more 💰.