SPLINTERLANDS UPDATE: F*** redemption, Season Rewards, Pack Highlights, More

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I feel like I always take a break from posting after the end of a season. There's no real reason for it, but it always seems to happen. Well, the reason is probably that the last day of a season is typically a long one for me. Not only do I play a lot more trying to gain rank, but then I also go through all the rewards cards from all of my accounts, transfer them around, sell a few, buy some more cards, etc. I spent the majority of the day Sunday in front of my computer doing Splinterlands-related things. By the time I was done, it was evening and I wanted to spend some time with my wife and wind down before the work week resumed again.

Like many people right now, I'm burned out on the game because of the cards with redemption ability. The first time I witnessed the redemption ability, I was shocked. When all of my cards started getting -2 mana attacks, I thought to myself "wait... was this an Earthquake match? I don't remember that. And, wait, it's not even the end of the round. WTF is going on?!"

That was the Cursed Slimeball, which at least has to be at least 6 to get the redemption ability. I honestly didn't even know about the Gremlin Blaster at first. It's absolutely ridiculous what that card could do level 1. Frankly, I'm surprised it even made it past any sort of testing phase. It already got nerfed, though.

Both of these problems will hopefully be fixed, but (not to sound like all of the Discord crybabies) it kind of temporarily ruined the game. I think it's strange that they removed the redemption ability completely from the Gremlin Blaster, though. That seems like something that could've been reasonable at level 6 or something, but whatever. The Cursed Slimeball, I think, should maybe cost more mana. Like not just up it by one, but maybe even two. It's not up to me, but that's what I think. No 1 mana card should be able to do what that one does.

Season Rewards

I was very pleased with the season rewards I got. Due to the fact that so many new rewards cards had just come out, I actually opted to use potions when I opened them. Normally, I choose the setting to not use potions on rewards cards. That's a great feature... if you're in the Champion league and getting like 20 rewards cards per quest, you can burn through a lot of potions and get some cards you don't even need or want.

I think that's one of the only times, if not the only time, that I've seen a little 3 next to a legendary card. I already maxed that one out a while back, and it's not worth a whole lot, so I think I just burned these or sold them for the highest bid price if that was more than the DEC value. I don't remember.

The Fallen Specter is a weird card. It's like it can't wait to die. The only time you'd probably want to use it is in a Lost Legendaries type match because then you know it won't be up against Lord Arianthus. If Lord A can't be played due to battle rules like that, then neither can this one. It's a real gamble to use it considering the cost and the fact that there's a very good chance it will only get to make one attack, and that attack won't even be all that vicious.

37 Untamed Packs opened at once

I typically don't use the function which allows you to open any number of packs at once. I like to go through one at a time and make it last as long as I can. For whatever reason, I decided to go for it this time. I thought maybe it'd be easier to share what I got, but then I realized I couldn't fit it all in one screenshot because I have a laptop for one screen and an old TV with shitty resolution (similar to that of the laptop screen) as my second monitor.

In the future, I'll be going back to one pack at a time. For shits and giggles, though, I'll share everything I got. It was pretty amazing, really. The value of the cards far exceeded the cost of the packs.

This Cornealus card was enough to get me to level 3, which gives it the return fire ability. I didn't use it much at level 2 because it's got a pretty high mana cost for a card with an attack of only 3 that only heals and has thorns. Healing and thorns are two great abilities, but that's a hefty price to pay for them.

As you can see, it gets another ability with each level, which is pretty cool. Sometimes, the last level gets you like one more health and that's it. I appreciate that they'd changed that up with the Untamed cards. I still need to get five more of these, but it'll probably happen way before I max out any of the common or rare cards. It's funny how much easier it is to max out the legendary cards.

This section isn't all that impressive, but 10 Cursed Slimeballs is pretty cool. That's one of those better-than-average common cards that everyone wants. For all of the complaining I did earlier in the post about the redemption above, I'm glad I was able to get in to level 6.

This is the motherf****ing bread and butter! Actually, bread sucks and I don't eat it. This is the butter and bacon! A gold legendary! And a pretty good one, too. There is nothing more exciting in this game than getting one of those. Maybe if I could get back into the top ten of the leaderboard, that would be more exciting, but that's not likely. Pulling a card like this isn't likely either, but at least it's possible.

If you've read some of my previous posts, you might remember I had plans of keeping all of the gold cards and using them on a separate account that only played the gold cards. However, I also mentioned several times that it would remain to be seen how long I'd manage to avoid just selling or burning them. I decided after the end of the season to, well, sell and burn them. So I ended up getting a bunch more packs after these 37 that I'll probably post about tomorrow.

Partially because this post is going to be long enough and partially because I try to post every day and sometimes it's not always easy to come up with content that isn't just quest rewards. There's nothing wrong with posting quest rewards, as long as you write something about them. I have left some shitty/snarky comments on some posts I've seen that are literally just a photo of, say, a Sea Genie with text like "my reward today."

If we wanted to know what you got that badly, we could've just checked the explorer. We don't care in general, but your thoughts on it could be interesting. Share those!

This section isn't as exciting, but how could it be? It's still got a few epic cards in it, though, so I'm not saying it sucks. Three epic cards and two summoners. I like the Lone Boatman card a lot, too. It's like an Armorsmith that can be more useful. It's got a better attack and does more than just repair armor. I mean, the Armorsmith has a melee attack, but it's not all that useful. If it's up front to attack, it's likely to only happen once before the poor bastard dies. At least this Boatman can repair and attack from the back. That's one of the first cards I bought singles of off the market.

As you can see, the value of these cards far exceeds their cost. Plus, every one of them gets me a chance at an airdrop, too! That was part of the reasoning behind dumping the gold cards finally and getting some packs. To get in right before the buzzer as far as the next 100,000 packs sold goal is concerned. I just checked, and it looks like it was just reached. We're now only 33 packs toward the next 100,000.

I, for one, cannot wait to see if I get any of the next airdropped cards. The upcoming Gloridax Guardian looks a lot more promising than the Diamond Dragon.

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I put a lot of work into posts like this, and a fucking piece of shit asshole with a stick up their ass was able to just erase any and all rewards I was getting from Steem. At least I'm still getting a bit of SPT, but seriously... I think Steem is dead if people with a weird grudge can go in and essentially erase earnings. It's like stealing, but no one gets anything out of it.


For five days I published the unpacking of packages and carried out calculations - but my posts did not interest anyone - I decided not to publish here anymore - but I see shitty posts with one photo and 20 words and they get a thousand tokens - it's all very sad

Sorry to hear that! I wouldn't give up, though. Not all of my posts get noticed either.
I get some pretty decent upvotes sometimes, but I've been consistently posting long posts for over a year now. I think it take a long time for people to notice, unfortnately.

Did you post the URL to any of them in the Splinterlands Discord? There's a post promotion channel in there, and you can get a good upvote from @steemmonsters sometimes that way. I just deleted Discord myself, so now I can't do that. Whoops.

I understand what you're talking about - but who agrees to do something for years without getting any attention and promotion (maybe I have uninteresting material - I agree) but why then the shit generated by the bots gets hundreds of different tokens. Where's the justice ? that’s why beginners run after a couple of months of stay. I spend 5-6 hours daily on curation, reading, buying a delegation, and so on (in January there will be the year of Kaaaarl YEAR) All these whales and other large token holders do not read and are not going to read anything. They are engaged in their own enrichment. Yes, they write cool material, but no one wants to compete with themselves - therefore, they are not interested in promoting other people's posts. For half a year I vote 100% daily for famous names - but not a single one left a voice for me or wrote a comment - I did not give advice on how to fix it. Need whale lustration - they will ruin #STEEM

By the way, I sent links to the @steemmonsters group - once it worked and I got 1700 SPT it inspired me - but the subsequent posts brought 20 SPT)) I have 200 packs left, I will open and write further - in principle, I lose nothing) Thank you for writing - your comment was the longest and most useful for 1 year of staying with me on steem (I don’t personally worry about myself - but for people who have just arrived or are coming soon. They will be disappointed if nothing changes on the platform. The whales reason every day on how to attract new users lei - and you must first create conditions inside the platform and then call people in. I wrote so much that I even forgot what I wrote about at the beginning))
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Thank you!