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in splinterlands •  22 days ago  (edited)

It's an issue with SteemPress. It seems like things just aren't posting to Steem the first time I upload them to Wordpress. That's why there were 3 posts today and two of them were identical. That's also why the most recent post mentioned a much lower rating for the @herons-unlimited account that's playing my max level cards than the post a little earlier. It was written for my blog a couple of days ago, but when I went in to post this morning, I realized that it had never posted to Steem, so I went ahead and posted it to Steem.

In other news, instead of 24 downvotes from all of their shitty spam accounts, I got single downvotes from the one and only @camillesteemer for my last couple of posts. I'm honored. Fuck you very much! I truly mean it.

I think I'll actually get more in rewards for the end of this season by delegating my cards out than I would've if I had played through the end of the season. I'll be perfectly honest... part of the reason I just don't even enjoy playing anymore is that I seem to lose... a lot. A lot more than I used to, despite even maxing out a bunch more cards. When you're already feeling like you're being kicked while you're down, you don't have the patience to lose a bunch of games struggling to finish quests and shit.

Someone who is really good at the game should, say, write a book on all of their strategies and shit. They could probably make more money selling the book than playing the game, but who knows. There are parts of me that think the top 100 is actually only maybe 12 people with a lot of money or debt.

I had this song in my head literally all damn day:

there, I added some content so I don't just have two identical posts. See how munch I give a shit?

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