I still play on SteemMonsters.com

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 7.11.29 PM.png

Not because I particularly want to, but because I play as two different accounts pretty much equally. It's very convenient that I can login at splinterlands.com and steemmonsters.com and be logged in as two different accounts. I play a leased one and then I also play an account with my own cards, plus some that I rent. The renting is a new thing. I just started that. The new collection rating thing kind of changes things a little bit. I couldn't even enter Siler League tournaments with my own collection rating. I thought that was a little bit fucked up considering my collection rating was good enough to make it to Silver I in the leagues. If I can make it to the top Silver League, I think I should be able to enter a Silver League tournament. That's my rant for the day, though. Rant is over. Wow, I haven't posted on Steem since like... May. I see it's still here. I have a long history with Steem, but like many people with a long history on Steem, I spent most of my time on Hive these days. I think it's frowned upon to post on both, but I'm starting to wondering if there's any reason I can't just do that. It is almost certainly a different audience, so why not? Especially if the content is different, I don't think it should matter. I don't think I should have to pledge allegiance to one side or the other and just stick to that. Or maybe I do. I don't know. Anyway, I'm still playing Steem Monsters or Splinterlands and it's still fun.