Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: with Pixie Sparks.

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Hello everyone,

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This is post is to show my splinterlands battle challenge.
You may join to the contest too with the following link.

To watch my battle; please watch the following video.

Theme: Spark Pixies


Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE


  1. I created a post sharing a video of one of your battles using SPARK PIXIES and have placed it above.
  2. I've Tagged splinterlands and spt.
    My every splinter is in level 1 and I just started playing 1/2 day ago so I'm not that much professional in this game.
  3. About my lineup:
    Diving lava at the front and following spark pixies at the last place.
    To explain the lineup I should say that as far as I've learned about the game, I need to use a melee attack monster at first place.
    Then I used other cards according to their mana and power.
    I had to use Spark Pixies for the contest and it did nice.
  4. My strategy worked and I'll use cards according to mana and power next time.
  5. I don't use spark pixies often. actually I'm new to this game and still haven't tried every card or didn't need to.
  6. Okay I'm going to share it in twitter.

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Hello and welcome to the Splinterlands! And to the weekly challenge!

You are on the right track. Basically, melee is what you want up front (but magic can also be great there). You may want to try doing MORE melee attackers than ranged (the arrows). Melee can ONLY attack from the front row (unless there are other rules/abilities at play) and ranged attack CANNOT attack from the front... So once they are there they just get hit and dead.🤣

Hope to see more posts from you! Have fun battling!