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RE: Life in Splinterlands

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Awww... I would never be upset if you would kick my butt dear 😆❤️ I know your heart and you are the kindest so no hard feelings.
Congrats on reaching silver 3 you doing great.

I need to step up my game as I have been slacking... I use to reach gold before the season ends... Lol

Good luck on your journey in splinter land my friend 🤗🌹

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I know right? 😂 Thank you very much. You should step up that game though because I would prefer you always maintain a position ahead of me. 😉

Good luck to you too, my MVP ❤

PS: sorry for replying this late. It turns out that comment notification isn't working on Partiko.

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Your welcome my dear 🤗

So then I guess I better go and kick butts so I Stay ahead of you 😂😂 Hahahaha
You crack me up.... Always make me smile 😁

No worries on The late respons... I dont get The notification on partiko Eather but they are working on it so should be fixed soon.

Have a wonderful evening my sweet friend and you know you are my MVP🤗❤️🤗 too

Yeah, kick them like "goal kicks" in football 😂

I just wasn't aware of the issue with Partiko because I was getting notifications of mention. Anyways, I have activated notifications on my back up (@ginabot) and I wouldn't be missing out again :)

Ahhh! So sweet we're each others MVP 🙂

Have a great night ❤

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