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Recently, I began to notice posts saying that good rewards in #Splinterlands are rare.

But today's game showed me that everything depends on luck. The game does not depend on your superpowers - this is not poker, here you need to think about how to win, but nobody knows what your reward will be.

Passing the quest as usual came with varying success. And I think that I got good rewards - in 30 minutes of fun I received 5 cards, 2 of them rare 764 Dec. This is not a lot but not a little. It is foolish to suppose that each time you will be issued cards worth $ 10-20.


But I decided not to stop there and open 5 packs of UNTAMED cards! I have very few of them left and once in 1 week I open 5 packs. If I have the opportunity I will buy another 100 packs - the more the prices are not high right now.

But let's go back to unpacking and see what fate has prepared for us.






Name (Click to sort Ascending)Splinter (Click to sort Ascending)Rarity (Click to sort Ascending)Quantity (Click to sort Ascending)Burn Value (Click to sort Ascending)Price ($) (Click to sort Ascending)
Failed Summoner (Gold)EarthCommon15001.380
Tortisian Fighter (Gold)WaterCommon15000.870
Drake of ArnakDragonRare1400.515
Failed SummonerEarthCommon1100.108
Unicorn MustangEarthRare1400.079
Parasitic GrowthNeutralCommon1100.078
Luminous EagleLifeRare1400.078
Living LavaFireRare1400.057
Cave SlugLifeCommon1100.051
Lone BoatmanLifeCommon1100.050
Magma TrollFireCommon3300.045
Serpentine SpyFireCommon1100.039
Kobold BruiserFireCommon1100.028
Undead BadgerDeathCommon1100.020
Crystal JaguarLifeCommon1100.018
Tortisian FighterWaterCommon1100.012
54.28826.0396.25510297.7911700 ($0.708)

2 gold, 2 epic, 4 rare - a good result! Of course, I would also like legendary cards, but I think I will definitely get them - I play every day and never miss quests. If now I have to stay at home because of the virus, then I will start participating in all tournaments.

Play more often, win more, have fun!


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