Thank very much @rentmoney

PS: I no longer see referral feature. I hope it's still working normally such that you're getting your share of my purchases.

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I haven't been getting any referral fees from your purchases. If you are buying from market then that is why as the refferal fee is for starter and booster packs only.

Oh! I see . . . I never knew about this. I guess I'll still have to purchase boosters at some point (per advises from my coaching team).

I had to ask because I tried checking my ref link but noticed the feature been replaced with DEC balance. So, I was wondering if referral is still a thingy.

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You should still have your ref link.

Click on your profile name and a list will pop up. One of the things listed in that list should say Affiliate Program. ... click that for your affiliate link.

Buying from market is the safer option / buying booster packs is like buying a scratch ticket. Sometimes you get something that is worth the cost of the booster times ten .... other times you get 50 cents worth of cards or less.

Saw the ref link. I've been clicking on DEC balance the whole time 🙊

Oh! Yeah, I have able to understand this issue with packs 😂

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