My best Spinterlands card I got so stoked !

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So I got Uriel the Purifier when I opened 10 packs almost a month ago. If you're not into Splinterlands, that's ok, I'm not really either but I want to be. I have to try real hard to find time to play. Don't get me wrong it's fun and all, it's just life is too hectic for me at the moment, haha. Give it a try if you can. I'd highly recommend you buying the spell book to get maximum enjoyment from the game, tho.

Anyways, I got into the game because I like card games and I like the art. So, as usual, I just scanned all the cards, admiring the artwork and looking for my favorites to see if I can upgrade them. I didn't even realize that this card, is one of the special air drop ones until recently when I had to complete the "Life" quest. I absolutely dread having to do those because my "Life" cards really suck and I have a hard time winning. It was at this point I realized that it's a Gold Foil (BONUS!) but using him at first I still couldn't win. He 'costs' too much to play (was my excuse), so I had to read into what his "powers" are and really think about how to use him well.

So why is he one of my favorites now? Well, first off, he's the most valuable one I have and secondly he's actually pretty good after I did some reading up/researching. You see, the gold foil version is level 2 which means he self heals. My initial problem was my Summoner couldn't summon him at level 2. But now that I can, I win a lot of my "Life" battles that have a summoning cost pool that will allow me to summon another healer and some back line hitters.

Here's what I like to use (in order):
General Sloan
Uriel the Purifier
Time Mage
Venari Crystalsmith
Pelacor Arbalist
This last slot is a whatever I can put preferably a back line attacker.

I'm by no means an expert or anything, I just like to play and admire the artwork. I would welcome any playing advice and/or just let me know if you play/like/dislike Uriel. Enjoy the game!

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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