Monster Review and Comparison:Goblin Chariot vs. Cyclops,Which One Is the Best?


Lately,I have decided to review and compare some monsters which can be used as an alternative to each other.As a part of that,today I am going to discuss about two monsters Goblin Chariot and Cyclops.

The reason I decided to pair these two monsters is that they are both neutral monsters and both of them have the range attack ability. Before the arrival of Goblin Chariot,we had only one neutral range attack monsters Cyclops which has a very low speed.


After the release of the untamed cards we got Goblin Chariot which can be considered as a much better alternative to Cyclops as it can strike the enemy monsters way faster.But does that mean we should prefer Goblin Chariot over the other one? In,this post I am going discuss it for you.

Goblin Chariot

Goblin Chariot belongs to the untamed edition,As you can see this 5 mana card can do two range attack damage at 3 speed in level 1 and it has 3 health.

So,I consider it very useful for playing lower league battles even though,I don't see many people using it.

The current market price of this card,as of the time of writing this post is as low as $0.03 per BCX. Considering its price and stats,I have to say that this is a good card that you can keep in your collection.


Cyclops is a beta edition card that has 2 range attack ability,5 health and 1 speed in level 1.Now,you can clearly see that because of having only 1 speed it has an increased chance of missing its target and at the same time,it strike last in the battle.

So this card is clearly not very effective for taking your opponents down and sometimes,it can also give your opponent some advantage over you,if they keep a high speed monsters in front.

However,it can be useful for reverse speed battle and it has more health than Goblin Chariot, which may help it last longer against the sneak attack monsters.

From the description given above,you can already see that both of these cards have some strength and weakness.But for lower league battles I would like to keep Goblin Chariot ahead,even though it has less health.It is because from my experience,I have seen that having a high speed monsters increase your chance of wining by taking the enemy tank down as fast as possible.

On the other hand,I have already mentioned the fact that when you play with a monster as slow as Cyclops,you will often miss the chance to strike an enemy monsters and in lower league battle missing a single strike can make a huge difference.

But when it comes to comparing two monsters,we can't just compare them from one perspective.We need to take a complete look at their stats and abilities in different level,we need to consider different rule sets and then we can do a proper comparison.So let's prepare that for now.

Cyclops or Goblin Chariot which one is the best?


In the above image,we can see that Goblin Chariot has three range attack ability in just level 3 where Cyclops still has two in that level.Then from level 4 and above Goblin Chariot has 4 speed and that is very good for a range attack monsters.It gets the piercing ability in level 5 and at max level it gets 4 range attack ability and 7 health.

So as a range attack monsters it stands up to the mark.It has less life than Cyclops still I think having a monster with 3 or 4 health is not a problem for lower league players.But other than the piercing ability it gets nothing special if we start leveling it up.

Now,let's see if we get more ability from the Cyclops.Is there something special in it,so we can put it ahead of Goblin Chariot or at least keep it at the same place?


Unlike theGoblin Chariot, in level 3, Cyclops still has only two range attack ability but it gets shield which makes it useful for protecting a team and itself from the attack of sneak attack monsters.In level 4,it gets 3 range attack ability as well but in level 6,we see a new ability which is stun.

Stun can be very useful as stunning an enemy monster frequently can be a game changer.Now,if we want discuss further about it then we see that it gets more life as it advance to max level.In max level, this card has 3 range attack ability,9 health,2 speed and both the shield and stun ability.

So finally, we see that it has two abilities which can keep it ahead of Goblin Chariot in some battles.For example,when a battle is fought with "Reverse speed" or when the rule set says "Melee and range attack monsters always hit the target".


Cyclops could be a favorite monster of many players if speed wasn't an issue with it.But as speed plays an important role in every battle many players stay away form using it.The Goblin Chariot doesn't have any issues with speed.It is a good range attack monsters that can be used for every splinter.It is also cheap so it can be considered as a better alternative to Cyclops but that doesn't mean we can boldly say that Goblin Chariot is the best or strongest among the two monsters.

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