How to Get the Best Value for Your Money When Buying Splinterlands Cards


Those of us who play splinterlands regularly often buy cards either to level up their existing one or to grow their collection.So I decided to create this post to give you some useful tips which can help you save some money while buying cards.Now let's take a look at those tips which you can follow for buying cards.

Use a third party website like Peakmonsters

I know that you can buy cards directly from the splinterlands website by visiting the marketplace page but using a third party website like PeakMonsters can give you a great experience as a buyer.I have been using the site for long enough as I find it as the most useful platform for buying splinterlands cards.


Peakmonsters marketplace is where someone can rent,buy or bid cards

By visiting this website you can see different editions of cards and their price according to per BCX and Low Buy value within a single look.At the same time,it will show you the low bid value of a card.

Unlike,the internal market this marketplace keep a regular price feed of Steem, SBD and DEC as most of the people use those for buying cards.It also keeps a complete record of your purchase history which you can use later if necessary.

In addition to that,it allows you to place bids and help you collect the cards you need at your desired price.It also has a page for buying multiple cards together as a set.

Compare different edition of cards

I think you already know that there exist two different editions of many cards: Alpha and Beta.Then again we have two different versions of each of those edition: Regular and Gold Foil.

Normally,the price of Gold and Alpha cards are much higher than the normal Beta cards but sometime buying an Alpha or Gold Foil card can give you the best value as they require less cards to level up.At the same time,you can get some DEC bonus by battling with those cards.


Showing the same card but in different editions and version
So if you find out that there exist a little difference between the cost of constructing a higher level beta card and buying a Gold or Alpha card of the same level,then probably it would be a wise decision to buy the Gold or Alpha card.

Placing bids for buying cards

I have already mentioned above that PeakMonsters let you place bids for collecting cards at your desired price,so you can place bids there and keep waiting.At the same time,you can visit different splinterlands related discord community servers and place bids there too.


Peakmonsters can be used to bid for a card
It may take some time to collect your cards but if you are willing to have patience then it can save you a lot of money.Most people who buy from placing bids get a huge discount on cards.So if you wait long enough,the deal will make up for your time.

Buy the Peakmonsters market sets

I wanted to put this tip way above in this post but I didn't,it is because buying multiple cards together as a market set is a fairly new concept and I was afraid that many of you are not accustomed to it.But from my experience,I can say if you get lucky then buying the market sets can be the best deal for you.


Market sets available for sale listed with their price and market value

I bought a market set a while ago as I was looking to construct a level 3 water team.At that time,Untamed cards have been just released and the price of Beta cards were sky high.So I couldn't find any cheap card that has been already leveled up to level 3.

During a time like that,I found a set which I bought spending $17.610.That set came with all the necessary Beta cards required for building a good water team.After leveling up my water team I got left with many cards which I used for leveling up my cards for an another account.I had some cards left even after leveling up the cards of my another account which I placed in the marketplace for sale.

Now I am done with my writing today.Let me know how helpful were the tips I mentioned above and if you have some tips that I haven't mentioned in this post then you can tell me about those in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.Support me by upvote,comment and resteem on this post.

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