How Became My Favorite Splinterlands Marketplace for Buying Cards?


Yesterday,I bought some cards using and after using it,I felt instant regret .No,I didn't regret because I wasn't satisfied with my buying experience but I felt the regret as I realized what I was missing.So here in this post I am going to write what makes the best marketplace for buying splinterlands cards.

What is is a website or tool built by @reazuliqbal and @zaku from the @bdcommunity which is mainly popular for selling untamed booster packs and orbs at a discount price.In addition to that,it comes with many exciting tools for the splinterlands players for analyzing card prices,deck building cost and checking price history etc.

But what makes it unique is its cash back offer that can help any splinterlands players save a lot of money.Compared to Peakmonsters which is similar to it, this marketplace shortly became popular among the splinterlands players for this cash back feature.

Why it has become my favorite?

As a regular trader of splinterlands cards,I buy and sell about $100 worth of cards every week.My day starts with checking the marketplace and buying the low priced cards.I was using Peakmonsters before for purchasing all my cards but then @clove71 told me by commenting in one of my post that I can get 3% cash back by purchasing cards from

So I decided to give it a go and went to this website.Even though, I was looking for cash back still I was a bit concerned about its performance.Peakmonsters, the site I mostly use comes with a price feed and shows price of a card in DEC,Steem and SBD.I found that website fast and useful for buying cards.As a result,I never felt the need to use another website.


Showing the cash back sent to steem-engine accounts of buyers

But when I used,I found it even faster and amazing.It didn't take 2-3 seconds for confirming my order like Peakmonsters.I bought about $18.5 worth of alpha cards from it and it sent me 3% cash back which means $0.59 worth of DEC in my steem-engine wallet instantly.

Now,I have been using Peakmonsters for a long time but they never sent me any money back like this.So I found out that just by using this website I can save $3 or $4 every week and almost more than $10 a month and you can too.

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