How Good is for Buying Untamed Packs?

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Lately,I have been reading many posts about for buying booster packs.Specially,the posts by @shoemanchu and @chrislove caught my attention where they wrote about their experience of buying bulk amount of untamed booster packs from it.

So I decided to visit the platform for buying some cheap untamed booster pack for me and in this post I am going to write about it.

What is is a platform made by @reazuliqbal and @zaku from the @bdcommunity. This platform is very similar to the most popular splinterlands marketplace peakmonsters but it doesn't include the rental market facility.It can be used only for buying cards,booster packs and orbs etc.


Showing homepage

Along with buying booster packs,cards and orbs at regular price someone can also buy packs and orbs in discount price from it which has made it popular to the splinterlands players.It also comes with many exciting tools which splinterlands players can use for different purposes such as analyzing card prices,estimating rewards and checking the history of their activities on the blockchain etc.

So as I have already gave you the basic idea about it,now let's talk about how you can use it for buying cheap Booster packs.

How to use it?

In order to use it,first you have login as a user of this platform with your steem account by visiting here.Once you have logged into this platform you can see the available cards for buying.Now,if you want to buy regular packs that comes with the chance of receiving airdrop then you have to pay regular price which is 2000 DEC or $2 per pack.


Showing the Untamed packs and Orbs

But if you want to buy packs in discount,then you have to visit the shop.The instruction for buying packs can be found there.Still,I am telling you in brief what you have to do.

First,you need to have sufficient amount of balance in your steem-engine wallet for buying the desired amount of packs from their shop.The cost of per pack is 1650 DEC.So if you don't have the necessary balance in your steem-engine wallet then you have to buy DEC or transfer your DEC to steem-engine from your splinterlands account.


How to make the transfer

Once your balance from steem-engine shows up you can start purchasing and then you have to go to your steem-engine wallet again.In your wallet,you will get to see you purchased amount of packs showing up as Untamed tokens.

Then,you have to send those tokens to 'steemmonsters' account.Once you do it,you will see your pack in your splinterlands account.Make sure you type exactly 'steemmonsters' otherwise you may lose your packs.

How was my experience?

I bought 27 untamed packs spending 44550 DEC from,I thought the packs will show up in my account directly.So,I went there but I didn't find any packs there.I was a bit worried at that moment.But then,I went to steem-engine and I saw them appearing as untamed tokens in my wallet.I sent those tokens to 'steemmonsters' account.

After that I found the packs in my splinterlands account.I will write about the cards I found from those 27 packs in another post.Now,if I talk about experience of using the monstermarket,then I have to say that it was really nice.

I could buy the same untamed tokens from steem-engine and it would have cost me almost the same amount of money at that moment.It is because the time,I bought those packs DEC price was 0.00038 DEC,so in total I have spent $16.91 that time for buying those packs.If I wanted to buy my packs from steem-engine I had to spend 3.999 steem per pack that time which would cost me around $16.91 too.But first I had to convert my DEC to steem and then buy the packs.Then place order and wait sometime,where buying those packs was instant for me.

So I would recommend buying from the because I find it easy,fast and reliable.

Thank you for reading.Support me by upvote,comment and resteem on this post.

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Thank you for the information,I will sure take a look into it.