Epic Battle Story:When a Common Monster Triumph Over Three Legendaries


I always say that never underestimate the power of a common monster because some of them can be a match winner and today I am going to talk about a battle where one common monster outlasted two legendary monsters summoned by a legendary summoner.So if you are interested to find what common monster I am taking about then have patience and keep reading.

The battle I am going to talk about today was fought between @randolphrope and @th12-szabo. Their lineup of this battle can be seen in the image below.


Watch this battle


As you can see in the above that this 26 mana battle had two rule sets Earthquake and Melee Mayhem.So according to the rule sets, monsters without flying abilities would receive 2 damage at the end of each round which made a big impact to the result of the game.

In this battle,our first player @th12-szabo is using the most infamous max level Lord Arianthus as his tank.Next, he has the Divine Healer (lvl 8) for healing his tank and then he has Feral Spirit (lvl 8) and Elven Cutthroat (lvl 6), then he has a Angel of Light (lvl 3) with resurrect, healing and flying ability and at last,he has a Cocatrice (lvl 8).He is using The Peakrider to summon all these monsters.

While,our second player @randolphrope is using Zintar Mortalis as his summoner.He has Elven Defender (lvl 1) to protect his front line,next to it he has Gelatinous Cube (lvl 8),Elven Cutthroat (lvl 8) ,Enchanted Pixie(lvl 5) and Undead Priest (lvl 8) in his team.

So at first glance,It seems that our first player @th12-szabo has the strongest team here.But what actually happened when the dust settled down? To know that you much watch the battle and after watching the battle you might be surprised to see the result.

Battle Analysis


Battle has begun and the Undead Priest went down

As you have already seen in the battle,that the result of this game didn't turn out as we expected,our second player @randolphrope was the one with the weakest team and at the end he was the one who won.But that doesn't mean our first player @th12-szabo had a bad strategy.

In fact,his strategy and team formation was great even though he was defeated.If we take a look at his team then we see that he had nearly perfect defense line.He had Lord Arianthus in the front,which can reduce heavy magic,melee and range attack and also inflict damage on enemy monsters by its magic reflect and thorn abilities.


Gelatinous Cube fighting alone and the rest of his team is dead

Along with it,he had two monsters with healing ability in his team among them one had resurrect ability.He had Cocatric which had the both flying and dodge ability that could reduce the damage of his team from the sneak attack monsters.On top of that,he used The Peakrider to provide some extra security to his monsters which gave them 3 extra armor.

His attack strength was well diversified as well,he had two sneak attack monsters to damage the tail of his opponent.But nothing worked as our second player @randolphrope had a Gelatinous Cube with self healing and scavenging abilities which served as his second line of defense.


Earthquake took care of the enemy sneak attack monsters

While the sneak attack monsters of our first player @th12-szabo was doing damage to his tail end monsters. Gelatinous Cube was getting stronger from it.As the rounds kept advancing and all the non flying attack monsters of our first player @th12-szabo went down,Gelatinous Cube only had three monsters to deal with but among them only one had the attacking ability.While,Gelatinous Cube was gaining +6 lives every round.

So this battle kept going on and on until the time when all monsters started to lose their life from fatigue.But as the Gelatinous Cube had gained a huge health stat by then and it kept healing,it was the only monster standing while all the other monsters fell down.


Showing the final result

Now,I am done writing what happened in this battle and I hope you enjoyed the story.If you like this post,then let me know what is your opinion about it and you can also send your battles link so I can write about it.Until,then stay safe,stay happy,stay at home and keep playing splinterlands.

Thank you for reading.Support me by upvote,comment and resteem on this post.

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I been playing splinterlands almost daily again. Always good to see a "th" player lose

Stuck inside home,so playing is can be fun now.Why "th" player,do you think that it was a bot?I don't think it was a bot.

This is a great post, I need to use that cube more! An upvote is on the way from SM/Splinterlands!

Thanks,it will encourage me to create something better for future.