About a week ago @yabapmatt made a change to the COOLDOWN RULES.

-->> Now cards will only be in cooldown if a different player tries to play with the cards in ranked play.

Previously it was triggered and was in cooldown for everyone including the previous player if there was a transaction.


I have been playing an UNTAMED account called @funtamed ... i'm heading to the Carribean this next month and I'm going to let a guildmate use the deck and split 50/50 ... therefore I need to put the cards in a holding account and delegate them back to funtamed account. Previously this would have put the cards into a 7 day waiting period.
But i just did this and then checked and it worked perfectly ... all cards were available to play with the funtamed account.

FYI ... the process took about 1 minute using the NEW BULK VIEW on

  1. Select all cards ... transfer to new account.
  2. Log out of funtamed log into new account
  3. Select all cards not already delegated
  4. Delegate back to funtamed.

Literally a minute


  • Yep that's right you will now be able to re-rent a card where the contract ended... just rent that same card again and you should be able to play it no problem
  • The only issue is YOU will have to remember what card that was.
    TIP: Maybe do a screenshot of the cards you're renting so you can see the card IDs.
  • We will eventually upgrade peakmonsters to let you know that YOU were the last player of that card. It's on the to do list.


  • If you delegate cards to a user and want to upgrade it... you now can.
  1. You just undelegate the card.
  2. Combine new cards to the card and make it better
  3. Delegate the card back to the playing account


Those were the use cases we thought of...

  • This can be an amazing benefit to RENTERS and OWNERS.
  • We can now develop a feature that helps the renter continue their renting and know that for THEM the card wouldn't be in cooldown because they're the last player who's played with the card.
  • We would consider allowing indefinite rentals where the contract keeps renewing automatically...
    ... BUT we have a much better feature planned for renters.
    It will take advantage of this upgrade however.

This is great news Jarvie. Thanks for pushing for this. 😁

Love your work, gents. This will be a huge help to renters, and encourage more players to give it a try.

This will really help upgrading those cards I have either rented or on herons.

Yes it's huge for upgrading cards in those situations!!

Amazing update!!! Thanks for letting us all know dear friend!

Very useful. Great work Jarvie.

Thanks the work was by @yabapmatt ... i just helped push for it.

The idea came from you, if I remember right.

Very useful.....

Awesome updates!!!

Thanks for the update. This is great news now that I'm renting out cards more than playing!

@jarvie any plans for a possibility to cancel the unlist action? (I change my mind often, you know ;))

It's about time! :)

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