Playing in the Splinterlands on this account again

If you didn't see the post a little while ago, every account that ever had a starter pack got a new chance to play thanks to a game update which changed how starter packs work to discourage people from scamming free starter packs just to farm the cards.

So I started playing again this season, and it's been a bit of a struggle. There are definitely more good players now than there were six months ago.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 08.41.20.png

On this last day of the current season, I have at least made it to the SIlver League and earned myself 12 rewards cards. Now I'll receive more than one reward card for finished quests as well. Of course, when the season ends later today, I'll have to climb my way back up, but at least I'll have a few more cards to help me along the way!

These were my rewards for a finished quest in the Death Splinter today:

Screenshot 2019-06-30 08.44.16.png


hi @hi-oh-mark. The competition is really tough, specially on the final day. I somehow managed to get to silver II. so i got 15 cards in total. We've been competiting each other quite a few times. Sorry, i don't have any battle tokens, else i'd definitely upvote your post. See ya at splinterlands.