Splinterlands Daily Focus - Earth - 11/06/2022 - Opening a pack

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Today my daily Focus in Splinterlands was the Earth deck, after many battles, I managed to earn 10 chests in the Gold league, my energy capture rate is low again.

Let's see today's rewards:


The total rewards are:

  • 1 Common card (Merdhampir) 5 CP
  • 1 Rare card (Vampiric Blossom) 20 CP
  • 2 Alchemy potion charges
  • 1 Chaos Legion pack
  • 1120 DEC


The total current value of these cards is estimated at around $0.104 also these cards add to my account 25 power.

Completing the daily quest, I claimed two Alchemy potions, I found the opportunity to open a pack.

Let's see what this pack hid.


  • 1 Common card (Scavo Hireling) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Carrion Shade) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Sunkai Harvester) 5 CP
  • 1 Rare card (Life Sapper) 20 CP
  • 1 Rare card (Portal Spinner) 20 CP


The total value of the cards of this pack at the moment is estimated at around $0.56.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

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Thank you!


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