Splinterlands Daily Focus - Earth - 10/06/2022 - Opening my first Gladius pack.

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Yesterday my daily Focus in Splinterlands was the Earth deck, after many battles, I managed to earn 10 chests in the Gold league, my energy capture rate is low again.

Let's see today's rewards:

The total rewards are:

  • 1 Common card (Pelacor Bandit) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Ever-Hungry Skull) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Vampire Bat) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Pelacor Conjurer) 5 CP
  • 1 Chaos Legion pack
  • 4 Legendary potion charges
  • 160 DEC


The total current value of these cards is estimated at around $0.075 also these cards add to my account 20 power.

Today I decided to open a Gladius pack for the first time.

Let's see what this pack hid.


  • 1 Common card (Hugo Strongsword) 10 CP
  • 1 Common card (Alva the Crusher) 10 CP
  • 1 Common card (Goblin Psychic) 10 CP
  • 1 Common card (Chimney Wallstop) 10 CP
  • 1 Rare card (Orella Abadon) 40 CP

The lowest rarity of cards that I can earn but they looks good now I have to try them in my battles.
These cards gives me 80 power.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

If you are still out of Splinterlands blockchain game you can sign up by my ref: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nikoleondas

Thank you!


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