Splinterlands Daily Focus - Earth - 03/06/2022

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The new season in Splinterlands started with the new reward system.

My first impression is that it is no longer so easy to win chests, you have to give a lot of battles and focus on the daily focus deck so you can drop the capture rate very low.
Starting I had a hard time climbing the league, stuck in the silver league, on the first day I earned with a lot of effort 3 chests with a reward of 24 DEC and an Alchemy potion.

The second day was much worse for me as the daily focus was the Life crew which is not one of my best at the moment, I finished in the Silver league with just one chest, and my capture rate was very low, fortunately, it was not too bad as gave me 528 DEC.

The third day started better for me, my daily focus was the Earth deck, a strong deck for me, after many battles I started to climb the league reaching the Gold league that suits me and earning 7 chests, but with my capture rate to die.

Let's see today's rewards:


The total rewards are:

  • 1 Common card (Pelacor Conjurer) 5 CP
  • 1 Common card (Pelacor Bandit) 5 CP
  • 1 Rare card (Venari Wavesmith) 20 CP
  • 1 Legendary potion charge
  • 728 DEC


The total current value of these cards is estimated at around $0.1 also these cards add to my account 30 power.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

If you are still out of Splinterlands blockchain game you can sign up by my ref: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nikoleondas

Thank you!


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