Selling A Prince Julian, And Other Splinterlands Babble.

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Holla Steem folks. Today is just a quick post to let folks in the community know I'll be flogging a Prince Julien later today at a severe discount by comparison to other cards on the market. It was a tough slog to get him, but holding him won't work as I don't have to many cards to justify holding such a powerful summoner.

I have to admit that investing in mystery potion with outside the game money would be a tough sell. However, playing with in game won dec after what felt like an eternity I finally managed to win a legendary summoner. This is my second one though. Just hard work to get there.However I'll keep playing the potions as it's part of what makes the game fun.It does eat my dec, but I have fun doing it.

In my last post I had a good bitch about the Splinterlands ecosystem as I felt constantly playing bots was making the game stale and non challenging. This past season has been great for engagement as I've had more challenging real opponents to play so it felt more rewarding. I know bots are a necessary evil to an extent, I just get frustrated when it's all I end up against.

Well guys, that's it for now. Just a quick blurb really. Thank you for reading, and keep creating awesome content.

image credits: Giphy and Splinterlands

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