You Win Some...You Lose Some

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You're on a role. Five game winning streak...pushing you within mere points of the next league...then suddenly out of nowhere you are hit with loss after loss. You can't buy yourself a win if your life depended on it - and sometimes if feels as if it does.


If the above sounds familiar know that you are not alone. However you are not the unwitting victim of some Kafkaesque nightmare but merely subject to the ebbs and flows of various ranked players coming on-line at different times. Some of this is predictable---you are more likely to encounter disproportionately powerful players in the first days after a season reset. This is understandable as everyone gets reset to a lower level and then have to battle their way back. Conversely, in the final days of a season you should encounter more 'Surrender' scenarios or fairly matched opponents as most players have been sorted into their appropriate levels.

Nevertheless, once in a while something like this happens:

My Rank 3633 Opponent Rank 3644
Unprotected and Rise of the Commons

2020-03-30 (4).png

My Rank 3703 Opponent Rank 3644
Super Sneak and Healed Out

2020-03-30 (3).png

and then this match up....

2020-03-30 (5).png

You are reading that correctly, a Champion Level 1 player, a veritable god in the Splinterlands universe obliterating my humble offering.

I jest. It was awesome. That's my point. Was there any realistic chance to beat someone with the experience and resources that this player presented? No. Was it a great learning experience to face off against someone so seasoned? Absolutely.

So don't lose heart when it seems that it is just one player after another. It is a see-saw and your rise will inevitably come again. Keep playing, keep learning, and keep having fun!!!


I understand completely! I have been yoyoing for days now! It is very frustrating, LOL! It is good to take a break when on a losing streak and come back later on. I usually don't though and end up losing 200 points! Good luck to you with your season-ending and congrats on making it to Champion! I hope the upvote makes you feel better, lol! I know how frustrating it can be! Hang in there!

In the interim time since posting i have won and lost up to 3772. My best showing to date. So your advice is spot on...take a break, regroup, and come back.

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