The High Life

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Today we are going to review a battle along with not so much a card as a card type. A quick glance through the new Promo cards and UNTAMED Edition will reveal a number of cards that have both a high life AND heal ability.

For example, the Gelatinous Cube, a Common, Neutral Monster released as a Reward card, which if you can get it to a level 6 (bcx 52) you are rewarded with 11 life and the dual abilities of both Scavenger and Heal. How is that for a heaping bowl of jousting jello?

Or Earth Splinter's new poster boy, the Legendary Kron the Undying which even at level 1(bcx 1) has 10 life and Heal. Not to mention, he also packs 3 magic and 2 speed.

On to the battle review. As powerful as these cards on their own are, combine them with a Monster that has Tank Heal and something amazing happens. The result is capable of shutting down even the most formidable of oppositions. The card I want to look at is the optically challenged Cornealus and he is paired with stuff nightmares are made of, the Corrupted Pegasus in the following battle.

This is a Gold 1 Level battle. We are each playing Death splinters with neutral Monsters thrown in the mix. There is a 27 mana cap, Even Stevens, AND Close Range battle adjustments are in effect. 2020-01-21 (2).png

I'm trying Cornealus in the tank position because of the Close Range format. To be honest an experiment. The Pegasus takes the second position because of Reach in addition to Tank Heal. The Strengthen also adds to formidable health counter on the tank.

In contrast - my opponent has Chain Golem, Prismatic Energy, Undead Priest, Twisted Jester, Undead Badger, and Furious Chicken.

You ever start a match, see the line-up and think to yourself "...hmmm...yeah that makes a lot more sense."

Fast forward to Round 4.

2020-01-21 (3).png

My guys have chopped up and sold off the Chain Golem for parts. I've lost my Phantom Soldier in the process but as it turns out he was cannon fodder from the start.

Now something interesting happens. I'm still out-leveled and out-numbered but as the opposition Monsters attack, the disembodied optic nerve and his pet steed hold their own. In fact they do more than hold their own, the Heal and Tank Heal combination allow them to stop the oncoming onslaught dead in its tracks. And as Monster upon Monster are thrown upon the pyre in vain effort the wall stands.

One final screen captures the triumph as a lone chicken loses its 1 life while the Cornealus sits triumphant with its 13 life unscathed.
2020-01-21 (5).png

So lessons learned:

  1. The combination of High Life + Heal + Tank Heal can be devastatingly effective in stopping your opponent in their tracks.
  2. Always be open to experimenting with card combinations and different battle formats. This is the only way to learn what works for your playing style.
  3. Remember to have fun and Play On!!!!


I always think of Mad Eye Moody when I look at Cornealus. Not the character, just the prosthetic. Long lost cousins perhaps?