Splinterland Suicide Squad

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So we are at the end of a season and I thought a little light-hearted discussion is in order. We are always focused on winning strategies or card mechanics to help give a player the edge and win their battles. Well I wanted to take a look at a completely different style of game play and team formation.

This battle comes from Bronze League match-up. The battle rules in place are Lost Legendaries and there is a 13 mana cap. I'm playing Death Splinter to complete a Daily Quest and my opponent has selected Life Splinter.

2019-12-30 (2).png

I could take the time to analyze my Monster selection, but I really want to draw your attention to my opponent's team. A unique strategy of having ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACK CAPABILITY.

Baby Unicorn in the starting position with its Strengthen ability. Divine Healer with Tank Heal. A Level 1 Furious Chicken. Creeping Ooze with Slow. Pulling up the rear is the Truthspeaker and her Protect.

I really can't explain what they were thinking. Perhaps they hoped to just exhaust my team. If anyone has any theories feel free to share in the reply. But to each their own.

As always remember to have fun and Play On!!


Great post! I cannot play at the lower leagues, I am horrible, lol! I do not know the abilities- I only know the maxed cards abilities! lol! You are a great player! A Steem Monsters upvote is on the way!

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