Redemption vs. Scavenger

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So I was asked to take a look at a battle breakdown. I chose a little one that took place right after the season reset because it is a great way to compare two of the newer abilities in head to head comparison.

For those following along this took place in Gold 3 and you can watch the battle here:

2019-12-15 (2).png

We have a 15 mana cap and broken arrow format. I am fighting with Water splinter and my opponent with Fire. You will see he is relying on a strong Blast from the Exploding Dwarf to ruin my front line. Note the new Reward card, Gremlin Blaster in the second spot with his Redemption setting up for a quick kamikaze style 2 melee damage. Redemption is a new ability introduced in Untamed most associated with the Cursed Slimeball but only once you leveled up 100 bcx.

Let's fast-forward to where the Blast and the Redemption have triggered: 2019-12-15 (4).png

You see that his Dwarf will revert to 0 life on my Ruler attack. The Blast carried to the Gremlin and triggered the chain reaction. Killing my Ruler, Ooze, and Chicken. But now we see the power of Scavenger ability in action. The 2 damage weakened but did not kill my Seaweed who will advance to the front line and pick up 3 more health from the carnage.

2019-12-15 (7).png

As we take one final look the last Monsters standing are a Furious Chicken with 1 melee and 1 health versus a Feasting Seaweed with 3 melee and 6 health. This battle is in the books.

As more new Monsters are introduced with these new abilities think of how you can incorporate the variety into your own game play style. With two new neutral Reward cards - Gremlin Blaster with Redemption and Gelatinous Cube with Scavenger we can look forward to some very dynamic and certainly epic battles to come.

Let me know your thoughts. As always have fun and Play On!!!!



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