Powerful vs. Plentiful

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Today's strategy review is really a nuanced technique. It has its time and place. But I have been guilty of it on the wrong side as often as the right side that I decided to make a battle walk through out of it. Today's battle format is from Gold II and is typical of the challenges at that level - 18 mana cap, Super Sneak, AND Earthquake. Players were also limited in Splinter selection to only Fire, Water or Death. We both went with Water which makes for an effective comparison.

Let's get into it:
2019-12-25 (2).png

From the onset I hope you can see the strategy I want to analyze. Namely, in a low mana cap game do you go for Powerful vs. Plentiful. On the one side we have the very respectable Chain Golem with his four melee, and combined 12 defense. Not to mention Shield, Void, and Piercing. Backing him up is the Magi Sphinx and her staggering 4 magic which will become 5 once the Summoner weighs in.

On my side, I opted for a a number of Monsters and tried to select those with Flying to counter the Earthquake effect. I have the Albatross as a chump blocker in the first position. Sea Genie, Enchanted Pixie, and Ice Pixie for magic damage and flying protection with the added bonus abilities of Strengthen on the Genie and Shatter on the Pixie. The Crustacean King is there for his Tank Heal and Protect, both of which may come in handy with Earthquake.

2019-12-25 (3).png

The opening salvo sees the Sphinx knocking out the Albatross and it looks like the muscle-bound bucket of brass will make short order of the rest of my line-up.
2019-12-25 (5).png

Look more closely though, only several steps further into Round 1, the Ice Pixie hit the Chain Golem for 1 magic, but obliterated 4 shield in the process counting for 5 damage!! The Genie and Enchanted Pixie each landed their magic hits as well and the Genie absorbed the 4 melee. 2019-12-25 (7).png

Hmmm....have to consider whether their will be a Furious Chicken.

The Earthquake and a couple of turns into Round 2 from my magic slingers and the Golem goes down. Leaving the Magi Sphinx to do her best but ultimately getting pecked out by the Furious Chicken. Probably not the end my opponent expected when they selected a Magi Sphinx.

So what did we learn today?

  1. Pay attention to the Battle format. Earthquake played a big part of how this battle resolved.
  2. Sometimes the advantage of multiple small Monsters outweighs the benefit of a few single powerful Monsters.
  3. Never forget to add your chicken at the end of a battle.

As always let me know your thoughts, have fun and Play On!!!


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Sometimes the advantage of multiple small Monsters outweighs the benefit of a few single powerful Monsters.

I also have made that experience, particularly in low mana games.