Is it the Cards or the Player?

in #splinterlandslast year

SPOILER ALERT It is most definitely the player!

I have written before on the idea of renting cards and some of the perils of getting cards ahead of your experience. I want to highlight a Silver 3 battle that makes this point quite effectively. The battle can be replayed here:

2020-01-03 (2).png

Here we have the set-up. Battle rules are "Keep Your Distance" and 19 Mana Cap with Earth Splinter inactive. I'm trying to complete a daily quest on the Life Splinter and my opponent goes for a Dragon inspired Fire Splinter opting for the new Air Dropped Dragon Summoner Drake of Arnak which provides +1 Shield.

He is playing 3 legendary Monsters in the form of an Elemental Phoenix: 2 magic, 5 speed, and 8 health with Flying. Backed up by Zalran Efreet: 2 magic, 2 speed, and 3 life with Life Leech. Lastly a Lord of Fire with 1 ranged, 2 speed, 4 health and Strengthen.

For my side, I've got the Prismatic Energy, Divine Healer, Air Elemental, and Furious Chicken. A side note here, the Air Elemental is one of the most underrated cards with his speed and Dodge ability. At any rate, it seems from the set-up that the Dragon team will have it.

2020-01-03 (5).png

Fast forward, the Prismatic Reflect power has been doing double duty damage and the Phoenix is wiped out. Until now the Efreet has been gaining a life and losing a life and the Healer has rendered the Prismatic virtually unscathed.

2020-01-03 (7).png

The Air Elemental has been doing the bonus damage from the back-line, and by the time Lord of Fire gets his turn it is already too much and all over.

To My point....

Playing a handful of:

  1. expensive, or
  2. rare, or
  3. powerful cards

does not make a Splinterlands player. Hats off to all the elite players who have put in the time to master the subtleties of the battle effects, manage the mana cap, and truly understand the synchronicity of the Monster selection.

And to the rest of us, let's follow in their example. Keep playing, keep experimenting, have fun and Play On!!!


100%! I have some pretty good cards but struggle to hit diamond 2 each season. I like your analysis and think your spoiler alert is right on!

Thank you John. So often players believe they can just rent or be delegated high powered cards and are guaranteed a win. I don't feel there is enough appreciation for the nuances of the game.

Yeah, as a card whale who sucks on the highest level, I can guarantee you that it is the player and not the cards. ;-)


Another great Splinterlands post! Definitely the player, I agree!~ @clove71

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