Beginner Strategy and Card Giveaway #2 KFC - Finger Lickin' Good

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Congratulations to our previous giveaway winner. Thank you everyone for reading and sharing your comments. I want to continue with card and game-play analysis for players who are new to the game.

Today I want to look at:

Furious Chicken


For those of you thinking to yourself, what is so special? Let's take a closer look at it. This Rare, Neutral, Reward card starts out with 1 speed and 1 life. It requires 0 mana to play and currently costs $0.036 in the marketplace.

It costs ZERO mana to play

There are 3 ways to play this card effectively:

The First way is in the last Monster slot as seen below.
2020-04-18 (4)_LI.jpg

This is typical when you have finished assembling your team and run out of mana but still have positions to fill. The benefit is that this can absorb an attack from Sneak, or Opportunity to great affect.

The Second way to play the Furious Chicken is in the middle of your team as seen here.
2020-04-18 (3)_LI.jpg
In this Back to Basics format the advantage is that the Chicken stalls the advance of the Tank Monster allowing your Ranged and Magic fighters to keep working from the back row.

The Third way to play this card is from the Tank position. In a low mana format this can be devastatingly effective in playing as was the case in this match-up in which the lead Chicken frustrates the Chain Golem.

2020-04-18 (5)_LI.jpg

Bottom line, the Furious Chicken is a diverse Monster with tremendous utility. Two formats to keep in mind, first in the new format Equalizer you can wind up having a very healthy chicken that can be extremely effective in stalling your opponent. The other is in the No Neutral Daily Quest in which many a player have conditioned themselves to add the Furious Chicken to the detriment of the mission.

Let me know your thoughts on this low level battle strategy and card analysis. As always, best comments will win the card discussed here.

Remember to Play on and Have Fun!!!



I am upgrading contest for best comment will win a GOLDEN Furious Chicken!!!!

Thank you for your post! Chicken is a great card even at level 1!
As you have described in your post, my chicken is like a true warrior, who sacrifices herself in the battle. She is either cheering the tank, playing the battle drums right behind his back; or watching sneaky opponents behind my marvelous archers and screaming loudly to wake them up and destroy the opponent.

The chicken is a great utility. Observe the opponent's last played cards and place the chicken in an appropriate position.

  1. Last position if the opponent uses sneak.
  2. Second position if the opponent has snipe or blast ability monsters
  3. First if your tank has a lower speed. Like 3 speed with mele attack.
  4. First in the ruleset mele attack monsters can't be used.
    I use chicken almost in every battle except in high mana battles. Because you have better options to chose in high mana battles.

Oh man I've used the chicken extensively, in all the ways mentioned.

Playing it in the last position is great especially in the equalizer rule. It keeps absorbing the sneak attacks shielding the range monsters.

In the equalizer rule it also extremely effective to play in the first position with a meele attack monster with reach or opportunity or sneak ability in the second position. This way while the chicken absorbs the attacks from the opposition, the second position meele attacker can continue to do the damage.

And I've also used it just one position before my first magic attack monster especially if the magic monster I'm using has the ability to slow down the opposition team or has tank heal. This puts me at an advantage for at least one extra round before the magic monster is taken out and this extra round has helped win so many battles I can't even begin to count!

chicken is indeed one of the most robust character ever created. 0 mana is indeed the selling point. However if you have upgraded it to some high levels it may create some problems for example during no melle ruleset you cannot use chiken as neutral item and it may be the reason you lose the game lol. Its particularly strong when it has got armor as well from either ruleset or life splinter. but overall its a very very strong card and the price should increase in future

Nice post, the chicken is an awesome card! 0 mana makes it very versatile for meatshielding. It also has many other uses that I think for forgot to mention.

First of all, it gets 1 attack at level 3 which can actually go quite a long way. It also has enraged with increases its damage and speed when hit. Though enraged may not seem to have any effect, this is a monster in the equalizer ruleset!

In other rulesets I mainly put it in the back, front, or second position to absorb snipe.

The first example of using it is kind of dubious. The fog of war prevents snipe and sneak so in this case, chicken should either be in the second or 3rd position to absorb opportunity.

Great post overall! I really like it. Upvoted!

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