In this episode of Monster Mountain we talk about the Tron buyout of Steemit Inc. rumor and what it might mean for Splinterlands. Then we head the battlefield for Champion level battles :)

Wont you join us for another edition of Monster Mountain.

See you on the Battlefield.

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I'm all in favor of TRON acquiring Steemit Inc. I think they will be able to correctly express the value of STEEM to new users... and yes, bring tons of new users to Splinterlands. I agree that Splinterlands is probably one of the only things they care about, but owning Steemit Inc isn't gonna get them any closer to owning Splinterlands. They can ride the wave like everyone else lol.

The Steem Monsters Corporation is actually owned by the devs and the team, as well as some larger investors that bought into the STO. The SMTT token on Steem-Engine represents a portion of equity ownership in the company. :) Let me know if you'd like to know more.

I love the animation at the beginning of your video! Nice work, guys :D

That is a cool intro clip. When is Aggy going to sell us some more SMTT? :)


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