Monster Burner Post 10 - May 13th 2020


Welcome to the 10th Monster Burner post. The first week is behind us, so we finally get to burn some cards! 🔥🔥 Thank you for all your love and support so far.
Check out this post to read more about the project.

How to Vote

To vote, simply reply to one of the three comments below. Voting is open until the post pays out, so make sure you go vote on any post you might of missed. Today's liquid earnings and your votes will go towards burning a card from the Earth Splinter. Check back on our 18th post to see the burn report for this post.

Free Guild Registration

Our first milestone is to open up a free guild for new and low-level active players.
Currently we have 3435/10000 DEC.
If you'd like to reserve a seat in our guild, come over to our Discord and leave us a message. Be sure to read the requirements as well.

Monster Burner Stat Report

  • Total post paid out: 2
  • Total Credits spent: 3396
  • Total BCX burned: 229
  • Total DEC earned: 3435

Monster Burner Post 2

  • 0.000 STEEM
  • 0.019 SBD
  • 0.000 HIVE
  • 2.282 HBD
Price Info: 1000 Credits =
  • 6.189 STEEM
  • 1.044 SBD
  • 3.104 HIVE
  • 1.050 HBD
Final Results
  • Total payout value in Credits: 2191
  • Total Credits spent on cards: 2184
  • Featured card: Sea Genie with 7 votes
  • BCX purchased and burned: 168 (View Transaction)

Splinterlands Shout Outs

@cryptofiloz is a great channel to follow as he post live Splinterlands battles along with useful tips and tricks.

@clove71 is an official Splinterlands team member. If your looking to build your deck? She is known as the most generous giver of cards and DEC, so support her as she will definitely support you.

@stever81 has a very underrated channel as he dose nonstop tips and giveaways. He seems always ready to help people.

@dkid14 is a great variety blogger, so if your looking for a mix of Splinterlands, sports, snacks, and Hive tips, he's your man.

Today's Candidates

Here is your daily choice of monsters to be burned:

Go vote in the comments below!

How to Support the Project

Add us to your auto-vote list on Steem and Hive, vote for cards each day, and spread the word!

Thanks for everything so far, and see you tomorrow!


Reply to this comment to cast your vote for Screeching Vulture to be burned. 🔥

Make them burn.

Reply to this comment to cast your vote for Wood Nymph to be burned. 🔥

Reply to this comment to cast your vote for Barking Spider to be burned. 🔥

Away with the spider

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