Serpentine Spy For The Win!

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Every single week @splinterlands puts on a “Share Your Battle” challenge, and this week they ask to share a battle using **Serpentine Spy!** It’s a Common monster who is part of the Fire Splinter. This monster is equipped with a melee attack & the Opportunity bility!

Here is my battle



The Battle Rules: Rise Of The Commoners

Mana: 32

The Lineup:

Since, Serpentine Spy is a Fire monster, I chose Malric Inferno to be my Summoner. He was at level 4! Malric has a summoner buff, which increases each card with a range attack, by one. Because of this, I mainly chose Melee Attack monsters. In fact, 5 out of 6 had melee attack! ⚙️ ⚙️ ⚙️

Now, for my Monster lineup:

  1. Goblin Mech lead the team with an awesome melee attack and the awesome health and shield 🛡 Malric bumped up his melee attack to 5!

  2. Giant Roc followed! His Reach ability allowed him to attack from the second position! Giant Roc also got a summoner buff!

  3. I chose Serpentine Spy in the 3rd position because of the challenge and the Opportunity ability (attacks anywhere.) Serpentine Spy also got the summoner’s buff! Mine was a gold foil card, which made it even cooler!

  4. Furious Chicken was selected to fight in fourth position, just to add Heath to the team. Costs nothing!

  5. Elven Cutthroat was then chosen for the for the sneak ability which allows his buffed melee attack!

  6. I ended my lineup with Ettin Spearman. I chose him for his Heath and awesome range attack!

My lineup proved victorious! My strategy to take advantage of the summoner l’s buff, really paid off!


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