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Each day, I try to complete a quest on @splinterlands! It is not only fun and entertaining, it is also a great way to build your deck- for free!

Today, my quest was to win 5 ranked battles with Water Splinter, and below were my rewards:

Screeching Vulture is a Common Earth monster and is a wonderful addition to any deck! Currently, this card is worth about $0.016!
Shadowy Presence is an Epic Death monster and this is my very first one! Currently, this card is on the market for $0.47!
Wave Runner is a Common Water monster which is a wonderful card to have! Currently, this card is worth about $0.01!

I also received 10 DECs, which has a value of about a cent & 3 potions!

I love competing my daily Quest! Quests, along with end of season rewards, are definitely the best ways to build your deck and other @splinterlands assets. These prices with hopefully appreciate is the future, so I am gonna continue build!

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