Splinterlands vs Mario Kart Tour (Weekly Curation Post)

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Since I have been stuck in doors for the past month I have been playing many different apps with my children. One that has got my kid hooked is Mario Kart Tour, which looks to be a port from Nintendo DS.

The game graphics are superb and I must say Nintendo did very well with the interface and gameplay to fit on mobile phones. They must have a learned a ton from pokemon go. Very entertaining and having the ability to play with other real players around the world in a 2-lap race from many different courses to choose from.

Control is quite simple, either use the touch screen by pointing direction and the vehicle will move as directed. There is a lower red bar to drift and the iconic use of item is used by touching the item at the top center. What the app can also do is extract the phone's gyro so people can actually stir and drive the car just by rotating and tilting the phone. Although it may sound difficult to play when rotating phone, I found it much easier than using the touch screen.


Similarities between Splinterlands and Mario Kart Tour


In both games when playing players can earn digital currency to purchase in game assets. In Splinterlands it is DEC token earn that can be used to purchase cards, booster packs, and potions. While in Mario Kart it is gold coins that can be used to buy new characters, race vehicles, and vehicle accessories.

Then there is a rating system for players ranking. Splinterlands there is bronze to champion while Mario Kart has it in Tiers. I have yet to get through tier 3 but there is also overall game ratings where whom has the most in game points.


Differences Between Splinterlands and Mario Kart Tour

The most dramatic difference is the fact that in live games Splinterlands is PvP, player versus player, while Mario Kart is multi-players. There is up to 8 racers in a race and all of them are can be located anywhere as long as they enter the race. With the game having been so popular since last Oct. 2019 it is not difficult to find enough racers every single race.

The graphics and options of playing races versus completing tasks such as drifting or doing flips can make Mario Kart entertaining for many hours. A drawback to Splinterlands is the theme is cards versus cards. However there will be new upgrades and side activities to be introduced in the future. For now Mario Kart is simply in my opinion a bar set for mobile game apps. Splinterlands although just recently introduced its mobile app version there is a lot to be desired. Although if we put it in perspective Nintendo is a corporation therefore they have multiple people that has developed and worked on Mario Kart. While Splinterlands lack that same amount of resources but still put out a fun game.

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!



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What?! A game that you move your phone and it's like driving?! This sounds pretty awesome. And you play with real people? Super cool!
I'm also excited for the new things that Splinterlands will be able to create. I mean, we are no Nintendo... but imagine when we ARE (20 years from now)... #futurethoughts

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