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Hi there!

This week challenge is not about a single monster, but about an ability: OPPORTUNITY 👁️

Nice ability, controversial.. Extremely useful and lethal in most occasions, a waste of mana or also dangerous in others.

In general this is a really appreciated ability and this reflects on card cost: quite high.

Ability analysis

Opportunity is an ability of certain MELEE monsters to have as a target the lowest-health enemy monster. It is an amazing way to finish some nearly to die opponent:

  • Kill rear monsters not reachable by snipers and sneakers (usually healing guys)
  • Kill rear monster who has been weakened by some kind of reflect (magic or return fire)
  • Finish tanks close to die (before they can be healed)

It's a very effective and flexible ability which adds a lot of more possible tactics and variability to the game.

The cards

At today there are 8 cards with this ability and we can separate them in 3 groups:

With screeching vulture (my favorite) being a flying scavenger (see uage here)

Usage tips

Here some tips about usage of this amazing cards:



+ = Puppets hunting 🐔

+ =

+ ++ = HELL YEAH 😎😎😎

Caution in playing with opportunity if you think you'll play against the following monsters:

Enchanted defender is the second more armored card in the game (behind only the 10 armor of diamond dragon) and having only 1 health he probably will be opportunity target. Really dangerous that thorns!

Exploding Dwarf is the enemy number one. Infact, when hitten by opportunity he will retaliate with a 50% probability: 6 PIERCING MELEE + BLAST + TRAMPLE. Really, really dangerous!

This can happen:
Don't to this at home

At the same time opportunity is really effective (but high Miss! chance) against:

The Match ⚔️🛡️

I wrote a lot about the ability. The match is a simple example of pairing it with other functional monsters:

I played a strong card as a tank, then put puppets for enemy opportunity and then placed my spy ready to attack retaliated sneakers.

The tactic was a success: Spy + Cerberus worked perfectly together and SPEED drove me to victory!

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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Great post!
I love the 'usage tips' and the gif 'Don't try this at home'.
Nice review of the things! 🥰@carrieallen

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