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Hi there,

few days ago in Splinterlands I had a battle where all my opponent's attacks got missed by my Cocatrice in this scenografic way:
Round 1

Round 2

Probably is normality for old users (cocatrice is a beta card), but at first I felt a little bit lucky 🍀. Then I got curious and did some math using the following chances of missing melee or ranged attacks:

Speed10% each level of difference

These probabilities are added together, so our cocatrice had the following chances of missing an attack:

Fleshgolem, Rexxie, Stonesplitter105%
Stone Golem115%

So NO LUCK at all for Cocatrice, that would certainly have avoided also all subsequent attacks!

Actually this kind of situation is quite rare, because only few monsters at now present the combo FLYING + DODGE:

But analogous (less-extreme) situations may be found enraging fast monsters or with fast dodged tanks. Good idea to use them in non-magical matches!

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