Splinterlands: Champion II goal achieved!

in #splinterlands3 years ago

Hi there! 😊

Today I won't talk about battles or tactics. I just want to celebrate my landing in champion II league, for the first time! 🍻

Last 2 seasons I struggled to get to that 4200 points, but invaine. This season instead I got there quite in advance.. Maybe it will be a problem to complete my dailies in next 5 days.. Or maybe I will manage to go up further :)
We'll see.. I think it will all depend on which Splinters will be my next dailies.

Not bad my daily quest:

I got a legendary: Zalran Efreet! Strongly underestimated card I think. It's the cheapest legendary reward card on market at the moment (0.75$.. crazy!)

Yes.. Ok.. It's stronger than me, This is one of my battles of today where I use Zalran Efreet!

Totally smashed my opponent!!! I think the combo ZALRAN + LORD OF FIRE is really Nice. In this case they gave 2 more health to Magnor. Beetle queen was very happy with the healing of a 17-health tank.
Then -1 to ranged, -1 to Magic and cleanse further consolidate Magnor presence and prevent him to die. While he is preventing everyone else to be hitten thanks to Taunt ability.

Maybe later I will do a more detailed post on this tactic.

Stay safe, cheers!

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