Splinterlands: Champion I goal achieved!!

in #splinterlands2 years ago

Ok. Few days ago I wrote a post about having achieved Champion II for the first time.. I did not expect to write another one few days later for celebrating Champion I!!

Actually I were pretty worried to struggle in completing my daily quests.

Instead here I am! 🎉🎉🎉🥂

The more I play the more I learn and the more my cards grow in power!
My rankings

My ratings

Of course in next seasons the curve will flatten, because I can't compete at top levels. I miss a lot of summoners and of other key cards. But it's ok!

I focus for now on celebrating this achievement, good satisfaction. We'll see how the game will evolve and if it will be worth it to invest more 💸💸

Stay safe, cheers!

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Same. I'm now having to level up to be able to compete...and decide what I wanna sell. Eek! But my current stats (at lower levels) are awesome... If don't level and keep playing in higher leagues I just lose. 😆

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