SPARK PIXIES 🗲 The untouchable

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Hello there!

Beautiful post to write today. Fire splinter is my most played one and SPARK PIXIES is defenetely my favourite card.

Spark Pixies is a rare untamed card. It is quite cheap compared to its value. 10$ for a card really strong in battle.

Card analysis

First of all, ladies and gentlemen I present you THE FASTEST card in the game. Only Vampire has equal speed, but is a totally different card, and also costs 1 mana more.

Moreover it presents the elusive combo of FLYING + DODGE abilities.

Moreover it can STUN.

Last but not least, it can be summoned by Pyre, the speedy summoner, having an insane 8 speed as a start.

So the fastest card, flying, dodged and stunning, with a nice 3 ranged damage for only 4 MANA, I get excited only writing it.

The only downside is its low health making it vulnerable to return fire, blasted damages and of course magic attacks (not so frequent in the back).

Card usage

This card can be profitably played as last card or last but one card, playing different tactics. Some examples:

Of course there are rule sets where it results useless:

  • Reverse speed
  • Aim true
  • Broken arrows
  • Back to basics (with exceptions)
  • Odd ones out

Ad he is particularly allergic to magical sneaks:

Actually, they are slower and can be killed by serpentine spy before they attack our Pixies. But I will not elaborate on this point, let's go to the battle!!

The Match ⚔️🛡️

League: Diamond II 💎
Fog of War + Lost Legendaries
Mana cap: 38

Great Non-legendary tank. When enraged has and outstanding 8 melee attack and in defense it has void against magic and 8 speed against ranged and melee!

My second-tank. Pit Ogre has void, she has shield, giving me resilience to opponent strategies.

Essential support to Pit Ogre

Fast and stunning low-mana ranged attacker

Here we are, our guy.

Knockout + piercing road roller


Here the battle.

Smart Pixies give no chance to the Exploding Dwarf. Annihilated. 💀
Then Pit Ogre resisted well and even the CUBE had no chance against my stunning-team! 😵😵
This led me to a nice victory! ✌️


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Whoa. Straight up annihilation.

I didn't even think about the fact that the are the FASTEST card! But... this does make sense. 🤣
I've found that even at lower levels with low health they can do quite a bit of damage and are able to dodge the heck of of hits.

It was crazy to see the Cube die so fast. Your lineup was TERRIFYING. (Like, if I were going to battle you.)

Great job!

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