Nectar Queen 🐝💦 New flying tank for Splinterlands

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Hi there!

This week challenge is about: NECTAR QUEEN 🐝💦

New earth reward card, it's the classical card useful in some specific situations, but not usable in the most, simply because better cards exists.

All recently released card follow this philosophy and I like this.. because it makes the game more various and, in the end, funnier.

Card analysis

High mana flying tank, than Retaliate + Poison. Nice melee attack, average speed, high health.
The weak point: 9 mana cost.

For abilities and stats it remembers Serpent of Flame, but face the difference: 9 vs 6 mana cost😯 NO WAY!

So yes, as a general purpose card the queen is not so good, but let's see in wich matches and rule sets it became a STRONG and useful card!

Card usage

Ok, this is obvious, Nectar queen should be played in earthquake rule set.

In such way, considering retaliate poison and earthquake, it can potentially inflict 14 damage in one single (lucky) turn! 😮
Moreover the power of this card is that she is particularly strong against other tank normally played in earthquake ruleset, for example:

LA is usually played in earthquake paired with Spirit of the Forest. Hitting and poisoning him by nectar queen can take him out of the game in 2 rounds.

Let's imagine: Melee only (so no other demoralize monsters) . Screeching Vulture (a MUST in earth earthquake) hits armor and Nectar queen attacks directly health. Then has 50% of poisoning and 50% of retaliating. Statistically, in 2 turns vulture + queen inflicts about 23 damages (depends which ability is triggered first). Good by death legendaries!

In earthquake + no magic Cocatrice is a must. Powerful tanks struggle in hitting him. Our Queen considering both flying and retaliate ability has 68.75% probability of hitting him each turn. Not bad!

Ok, too much school this week, let's fight!

The Match ⚔️🛡️

I have't played many earthquake battles today so I have not a perfect battle to share.. but I have one where my queen played well and.. let's find out ;)

Dragons out: very good news! Let's give a try to my lv8 queen. This the lineups:

Weird tacting by my bot-opponent. I suppose he manged to weaken me with a first front lineup, than attacking me with a second flying lineup. Probably this is a successful tactic in earthquake against not-flying lineups: prevent flying being killed, then act on what remains after several earthquake rounds.

The battle is not so fun, I smashed him. NO WAY

My queen gave the coup de grace to LA:
Oh yesss

But then got killed by the opposite queen:
RIP Queen

No problem, the Vulture rapidly avenged her. and WIN! 🏆

Hope to level up my Nectar queen to lv 10 soon because it is a really nice card!

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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Nice post and nice animations
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