My Splinterlands must-to-share battles #2 Miss & Fatigue 🏋️

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Hi guys,

here I am ready to write and share another AMAZING battle. 😲😲

By chance it involves also some sneaks, so I will also participate to the @splinterlands weekly share your battle challenge. However, I will not be focused on tactics or stats, but only and exclusively on the battle.. because yes, as I said, this is really amazing.

The Match ⚔️🛡️

Equalizer rule set is so much fun! 🤩

Quite GREY lineups, isn't it?

I don't want to take it very long. You can watch the match or enjoy the following highlights!!

Highlights 🎥🌟

COCATIRCE CAM Let's do some math: Feral Spirit has 40% chance of hitting, elven cuttroad 30%.. A single hitting is pointless, because of armor repairing, and each turn a 12% of both hitting. LASTED 23 ROUNDS.



So, summarizing:

  • Cocatrice supported by the team (Truthspeaker for amor, Armorsmith for repair, Bard and Unicorn for speed) has resisted to opposite double sneak attack. Sneak tactic revealed itself for what it is: really strong, but only if not adequately defended (like any other tactic in Splinterlands, after all)
  • Opponent's Angel of Light resisted too to my front attack
  • The match stalled until fatigue occurred

The choice of the right summoner just made the difference between victory and defeat. Remember it in the next equalizer match!

That all folks!! Tanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the match as I did!! 🤩 If yes, maybe you will like also my previous post, about a really enraged chicken.

Follow me if you want, more content coming up soon! :)

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That was nuts! Indeed an awesome battle. And a great use of sneak! 🥰@carrieallen

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