My Splinterlands must-to-share battles #1 Don't make the chicken angry 🍗

in #splinterlands3 years ago

Hi guys,

I have been thinking for some time to write some post about epic battles in addition to the 'Share your battle' weekly challenge. Infact, some battles are so astonishing that I HAVE TO share with someone else.

Today I had a battle that let me think 'Ok, the time has come'.

The Match ⚔️🛡️

Both new rulesets included!

My tank: CHICKEN I choose you!!

I don't want to take it very long. You can watch the match or enjoy the following highlights!!

Highlights 🎥🌟

First of all: SMASH opponent tank!

Keep on chicken!!



Now, I know... Some of you are thinking 'Exploding Dwarf' would have done faster... well... SHHHHHH!! Don't tell this to the chicken!! Don't make him angry again! 😄😄

That all folks!! Tanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the match as I did!! 🤩

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What the?!?
That was nuts!
I mean... I know that the chickens... they can be furious, but that was... it was nuts!

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