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Hi there!

This week challenge is about: GOBLIN MECH

It needs no introductions, we are talking about one of the most famous card of the game. Every one having started playing Splinterlands in relatively recent times know this card. Why? Because it is a reward card and is pretty amazing in lower leagues!

Perfect for beginners!

Card analysis


Goblin Mech already at level 1 has the outstanding PIERCING ability, high Melee attack and a great combination of armor and health. Moreover speed 3 is fast enough for lower leagues. Its only weakness is magical attacks, because it's pretty easy to obtain a 6 damage with 2 monsters and a magical summoner.

At upper levels it gains STUN ability, some attack, armor and health, but substantially its weaknesses are maintained:

  • 3 SPEED: too slow for normal matches, and too fast for reverse speed ones. Always and never ok, it depends on which monsters we pair to him.
  • 9 HEALTH: for a 10 mana tank is defenetely too low in magic-allowed matches

Card usage

Considering Goblin Mech strengths and weaknesses I see it powerful if played in :

A LOT of rulesets, right?

Obviously weak magic and lost magic rule sets. Then target practice is also a way to keep magical attacks out of our mech.
Also all Melee rule sets are a good idea, better if paired with some swiftness friend.
In commons and lost legendaries a lot of better cards (as both substitute or opponent) are out of the game 😎
Then last but not least the 2 new rulesets: Heavy hitters exploits its stun ability, and in equalizer pairing it with an high health monster remove one of its big weaknesses.

So we can define the goblin mech as a all-round card, to use often, with some important shrewdness. Its PRICE is also amazing, with 5$ we can get a MAXED one!! 🤑🤑🤑

The Match ⚔️🛡️

Ok let's came to the match. I decided to play the goblin mech in a pretty classical situation:


Of course I needed to adopt some precautions, and all other monsters in the lineup were placed in function of making it shine!

3-level speed up with Pyre, Monkey and the ooze. Then heal, repair, inspire, + health. Then affliction for the opposite tank and silence (that never hurts).

My opponent placed the classical sniping + healing life lineup.

The battle since the beginning turned in my favor. Affliction worked and opposite spirit of the forest missed a pair of shots to my beetle queen. But I think also with a little less luck I could take a victory.

Some highlights:
Our Mech gives the coup de grace to the afflicted flesh golem
Another mercilessly coup de grace
Our hero puts an end to the match

Last thing I want to point our is that with a 60$ lineup I have beaten a 140$ one (neglecting gold foils). I love this thing in Splinterlands: a base investment is necessary, but then there is not unbeatable card and it all depends on how you play them.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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