My first month in @splinterlands

My first month in @splinterlands

A month ago I was looking for some keys in my files and I saw my steemit post key that I had "saved" right in the same file and I wondered ¿why I had not entered in a long time?, after a while I entered and realized that I had some rewards and that the steem had dropped a lot of its value since the last time I entered, reading the feed I saw a post that caught my attention of a game called Steem Monster, I immediately related it to something I had read from the profile of @eddiespino and I asked more about it, after a brief introduction do not hesitate to link my account and start. It turned out to be very intuitive but still there were things I did not understand and I thought "this can be solved if there are more people I see coridianly involved for feedback" so I invited some close friends @davinzho and @leizerstark suddenly two weeks later we were In a good way "hooked". something that motivates me is that during this first month I have gained more steems than what I won for several months with my post on steemit and I do not spend much time a day playing. I think, that although it goes a little more than a year since the project started, it is still a good time to start, I am sure that most of us who read this already know about steme monster but it will be good if some clueless they remember it and of course friends who are not yet aware of this can motivate them and invited to create your account.

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Silver III 💪

I am currently in silver level III but im shure that this season will reach gold.

Taking advantage of the fact that they are here I invite you to read the guild post that we have created, it is on the eddiespino channel

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My last battle, yes, i lost 😂 you can see the repetition here

At the moment it is all I hope to post more often, for this post I had to use a little English that I know but much more the translator, I am taking it as the tactic to improve my English, if I do not understand something I ask for your patience 🙏

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