SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge: the Undead Minotaur

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Hi all,

This is my entry for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge by @splinterlands. Details can be found here.

The theme for this week is a Common Death Monster: the Undead Minotaur. A fearless monster, yet very simple-minded. Tricked by the Dark Eternal Missionaries, it signed the Dark Contract, giving its soul to the Dark Side (source).

Undead Minotaur

At Maximun Level, the 6-Mana Undead Minotaur has a Melee Attack of 3, a Speed of 4, a Health of 8, and two abilities: Double Strike and Retaliate.

I used it in a 38 - Mana battle with 2 Rules:
1.Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability
2.Lost Legendaries: Legendary Monsters may not be used in battles.

As the Undead Minotaur is a Melee attack monster, with no Reach or Sneak ability, i thought it best to use it in the first position as tank.

I also used 5 other Monsters:
1.The Prismatic Energy,
2.The Twisted Jester,
3.The Undead Priest,
4.The Vampire,
5.The Phantom Soldier

As i was expecting a lot of Snipe action from Ranged and Magic attack monsters, i put the Prismatic Energy in the second position, because i had a feeling my opponent would use more Magic than Range attack, and the Prismatic Energy can punish all naughty Monsters using Magic attack.

I also used two more Magic attack monsters, the Phantom Soldier, and the Undead Priest. The Undead Priest is a good 'debuffer' of the enemy monsters, because it reduces the Speed and Health of all enemy Monsters. The Phantom Soldier has Silence ability, so it would reduce the Magic attack of the enemy monsters. It also has Flying ability, so was good choice for last position. You have to remember watching your back even in Target Practice; because the opponent can use Sneak attack, and catch you unprepared.

Lastly, i decided to use two Range attack monsters, for some variety: the Vampire, and the Twisted Jester, because they are both fast, and they have a strong Range attack as well. But it is wise not to put the Vampire last or in the front positions, because it is vulnerable at the beginning of a battle, when it hasn't gorged on enough blood.

Did I win the battle? I did, but to be honest my opponent had a weaker deck; some of his monsters were Maximum Level, but he also had a Level 5 tank, and a Level 1 Prismatic Energy, so i don't consider this to be my grandest Victory so far. If he had a stronger tank, and a higher Level Prismatic Energy, the battle could have gone the other way.

Battle link

I think putting the Undead Minotaur in the first position is not a bad choice for this battle; the Raging Impaler would also be a good choice, but both of these would be equally vulnerable to the Stun ability of the Goblin Mech; i was just lucky my opponent's Goblin Mech had no Stunning ability. For the rest of the Monsters, i am happy.

I don't use the Goblin Mech often; i use the Haunted Spirit whenever i can't use the Lord of Darkness. Lord of Darkness is always my first choice; Haunted Spirit is my second. But if no Legendaries, and no Magic attack is involved, then i have to remember the poor Undead Minotaur next time!

And that's all for today!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!

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I've not pay attention to the Prismatic Energy.
Sounds interesting enough to take a closer look.

is a great card, used to be reward card, now out of print

Ah, thanks for the information but I actually got it confuse with another card.

I'm a bad player :-))