SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge: Serpent of Eld

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Hi all,

This is my entry for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge by @splinterlands. Details can be found here.

This week we examine the Serpent of Eld, a Rare Water Splinter monster from the Untamed Collection.

The Serpent of Eld is a huge blue serpent, that used to live in the Palace of Eld. That came to an end when rebels overtook the Palace, and ousted the serpent into the jungles of Azmaré. Since then, the Serpent of Eld has has become the Resident Evil of all Azmaré (source).

Serpent of Eld

It is a Melee attack Monster with a Mana of seven, attack of four, speed of five, shield of two, and health of nine, at max level. Its abilities are: Dodge, Return Fire, and Poison. It is a serpent after all, so poison is no surprise, right?

It seems to me that with its Dodge ability, and the Return Fire ability, it is ideal for No Magic attack battles. I think if its mana was a little bit less, like six for example, to match that of the Frozen Soldier, it would be very, very popular.

So, have i used it in a battle? Of course i have.

The rules were:
1.Rise of the Commons: Only Common and Rare Monsters,
2.Fog of War: Monsters lose Sneak and Snipe ability

Apart from the Serpent of Eld, i used the following monsters: the Creeping Ooze, the Sea Genie, the Medusa, the Crustacean King, and the Water Elemental.

I used the Sea Genie and the Medusa, because I decided to use the Water Splinter, so these two Magic attack Monsters was a good choice for that Splinter, especially the Medusa, because she stuns as well.

Sea Genie


I used the Crustacean King because i wanted a tank healer for my monsters at the first position, and the added shield the Crustacean King provides was an added bonus:

Crustacean King

I also used the Water Elemental, because it is a fast striking monster with a range attack of four:


Water Elemental

And lastly, i used the Creeping Ooze to speed all my monsters up, because i had one Mana left to play with:

Creeping Ooze

I have no idea why i put the Creeping Ooze first; unless i did so to protect the others, as i thought the Creeping Ooze the least useful. Then i put the Serpent of Eld second, the Sea Genie and Medusa nezt, the Crustacean King second to last, and the Water Elemental last of course, because it is a range monster, so the further back, the better.

Let the fun begin!

Did my strategy work? Well, i won the battle, but my Serpent of Eld was no Artful Dodger to be honest. It didn't dodge a single Range or Melee attack, but then again is not maxed out, is only Level two, so probably it would be stronger maxed out. I don't know.

I don't use the Serpent of Eld very often, as i haven't maxed it out, so i prefer to use other tanks that are maxed out, and have full abilities. I think if the Mana was six i would be tempted to use it more. I don't see many opponents of mine using it either though. We'll see.

And that's the end of my post.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!

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Lol! Yeah... I'm not sure I see the Ooze in the front much. 😉

I think you're right: if you had a level 6 (closer to your other cards) it would have dodged a LOT. In closer matched games I feel like dodge is the best, even at level one... against other level ones or twos it basically can't be hit. Slippery little bugger.

I definitely don't see the Eld at higher levels yet... but I think we may in the future.