My entry for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge; the Divine Sorceress

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Hi all,

This is my entry for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge by @splinterlands, hosted by @carrieallen. This week, the star is none other than the DIVINE SORCERESS.

The Divine Sorceress is a member of the Order of the Silver Shield; she can block out pain, and laugh at the face of her captors; then use her magic to evade them (source).

At maximum level she has a magic attack of three, a speed of two, and three lives. She also has Divine Shield, so she ignores the first attack.


The rule set of the battle was Little League (Only Monsters and Summoners costing 4 Mana or less should be used), and the Mana was 14.

I was doing my Life Quest, so i immediately thought: let's use the Sorceress. So then I had 14-3-3=8 Mana left to play with.

I needed a tank. Well that was easy: the Crystal Werewolf. Low mana, Thorn ability, and Silence ability. Any melee monster attacking my Werewolf would surely regret it, and it would also reduce the magic attack of enemy monsters by one. Leaving me with 8-3 = 5 Mana to play with.


Since no Lord Arianthus could be deployed in this battle, given the fact that he has a Mana of five, i thought using another magic attack monster was a good idea. Hence bring forth the Defender of Truth.

The Defender of Truth is an excellent magic attack monster, which provides a shield of two as bonus. The only catch was, my Defender of Truth is low level, and has a magic attack of only two. A bit risky, but i went for it. Leaving me with 5-4=1 Mana to play with.


My next choice was the Silvershield Bard; excellent one Mana card, with Cleanse and Swiftness ability. It would give a speed boost to my monsters, and would get rid of poisons or other negative effects on my tank.


So I had zero Mana left now. No more monsters, right? Wrong!!!!!

Here comes the Absolute Star of every battle; the one and only ..... Furious Chicken!!!!!


Once I had picked all of my monsters, ordering them was easy; first my Chicken to take any magic or range or melee attack, then my Werewolf, third my Divine Sorceress, fourth my Defender of Truth, and last my Silvershield Bard.

My strategy worked, and i won the battle, but my Divine Sorceress died early enough, as my opponent very astutely had utilized a Snipe attack monster, the Fire Beetle. Overall his deck was weaker than mine, so well played from his part i would say.

If I had to change something, i would put the Defender of Truth last, as he had more lives than the Silvershield Bard, and would last more, but overall i am happy with my choices.

To sum up, the Divine Sorceress is a great card for low Mana battles. I use it very often when i have low Mana Earth Splinter battles, and is definitely worth having in your card deck.

And that's the end of this post.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!

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