My entry for the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Rexxie

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Hi all,

This is my entry for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge by @splinterlands; details can be found here.

This week the spotlight is on Rexxie, a common Earth monster. Rexxie has seven mana, melee attack of six, speed of four, and twelve lives at maximum level.

Rexxie can trample, but can not pierce, so is not very efficient against monsters with shields. The best way to work around that, is to couple Rexxie with a higher speed range attack monster, like the Javelin Thrower for example. That way, we can get rid of the shield of the enemy monster, and give Rexxie a chance to strike, and possibly trample.


I used Rexxie in a battle with two rules: Armored Up (all monsters have Armor of two in addition to their normal Armor stat), and Rise of the Commons (only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles).

So Rexxie was bound to hit a shield, unless i could get rid of that shield, using a higher speed range monster, or possibly two.

Javelin Thrower

Highland Archer

Eventually I put Rexxie at first position, the prismatic energy at the second, the Screeching Vulture at the third, the Wood Nymph at the fourth, the Javelin Thrower at the fifth, and the Highland Archer at the sixth position.


The Javelin Thrower would definitely strike before Rexxie, but just in case the Javelin Thrower didn't get rid of all the shield of the first monster, i needed a backup. The Highland Archer had the same speed as the Rexxie, so it wasn't certain that he would strike before Rexxie; i took a chance there, i must admit.

As far as the rest of range monsters are concerned, the Cyclops, the Earth Elemental, and the Swamp Thing would be too slow, while the Centaur would not hit the tank, as it is a snipe monster. I guess i could have used the Minotaur Warrior, who is not a range monster, but has reach and a speed of four, which means it might have hit the tank before Rexxie, but I didn't think of it at the time.

So, I had to use Rexxie, the Javelin Thrower, and the Highland Archer. I also wanted a tank healer; Spirit of the Forest was excluded by the rules, so the Wood Nymph was my only choice.

Wood Nymph

I also decided to use the Screeching Vulture because it is so versatile; it strikes where most vulnerable, and it gets stronger with every enemy monster that dies. I really like this monster.

Screeching Vulture

So, all planned out, except one last monster. I just needed one, to make six. I chose Prismatic Energy, because so many times i have come across a Cocatrice at the first position, and i haven't been able to kill it with my range attack or melee attack monsters. So, with Prismatic Energy and the Wood Nymph, I might have had a chance, as they are both magic attack monsters.

Prismatic Energy

Having picked out my monsters, ordering them was easy; the range attack monsters had to go at the back, as they don't hit from the first position, so the further back the better. I see now that I put the Highland Archer last, which is a mistake; i should have put the Javelin Thrower last, because she has dodge ability.

So, Rexie first, and Prismatic Energy second, because that way if Rexxie died, i would have a monster with many lives to come next to the first position. The Screeching Vulture i put at the third position, because it has fly ability, so that would be my third choice for tank. The Wood Nymph fourth, because it is a tank healer. And the rangers last.

And my strategy worked. My Rexxie hit and trampled, and killed the tank of the opponent, but unfortunately could not survive the onslaught of the other monsters. It happens. The only thing I would change, if I had to fight this battle again, would be to put the Javelin Thrower last.

To be perfectly honest, I don't use Rexxie very often; i prefer the Stonesplitter Orc as tank, because it has Enrage ability, and because it retaliates. It also has a shield, so i prefer it as tank. But Rexxie has more lives. Is a personal thing i guess.

And that's the end of this post.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!

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Wow. Very thorough strategy explanation. I love it!
And yes, Rexxie isn't used as often as other cards, but with skills like yours, you can still win.
And welcome to the weekly challenge!


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thank you! is a good challenge actually