My daily splinterlands update (27/02/20)

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Hi all,

This is my daily splinterlands update for the 27th of February 2020.

I had a lot of luck yesterday; i pulled a gold manticore. I wasn't expecting a repeat today to be honest, and i wasn't proved wrong; i actually got just two cards, and loads of potions, with a few DEC.


It happens. My quest was a dragon one.

I also managed to sneak back into Champions III, and I'm going to push for Champions II. Because i am greedy.

Didn't have loads of fights to be honest, and i guess my worst battle was this one:


My opponent had a lower ranking than me, but they used double sneak, and the Hydra at the back, while i used the Hydra at the front, and the Silvershield Assassin at the back. The Assassin couldn't last a double sneak, plus the thorns of the Hydra, but he fought well, and i hold him no grudge.

I should have put the werewolf at the back, and used another tank, maybe the Cocatrice plus the Armorsmith, but i misjudged i guess. It's OK.

My best fight probably was this:


My opponent was of course a very good player, and i know why he used the Rexxie at the front, but Rexxie couldn't fight my Lord of Darkness, and i also had my Hydra at the back, so that was well planned out, if i may say so.

The clock is ticking; we are approaching EOS, so i expect a difficult day tomorrow, but i'll try for Champions II.

Andthat's all for today.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!