My daily splinterlands update (28/02/20)

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Hi all,

This is my daily splinterlands update for the 28th of February 2020.

I am currently at the Champions III league, with something like a day and a half left towards the EOS. Will i make it to Champions II? We'll see.

I believe yesterday I had an Earth Quest, so the Spirit of the Forest was the star of the day, seconded by the Screeching Vulture. I love the Vulture, can't wait to max it out.

In terms of rewards, I pulled a Legendary!!!!!


The Spirit Miner works really well with the Ruler of the Seas. They both have swiftness, so they increase the speed of all friendly monsters by two between them. Would be nice if his magic attack was a bit higher; if it was something like four at maximum level, he would be overpowering.

Anyway, now let's look at my battles.

My worst battle:


Doing a double sneak is difficult, when the Spirit of the Forest is at the last position. You don't easily get rid of it. I got rid of the War Chaang, but i got stuck with the Spirit. If my Silvershield Assassin was at a higher level i might have had a chance, but my opponent's War Chaang was at a low level as well, so i don't know what would have happened, if both of us were playing with maxed out cards.

My best fight was this I'd say:


I think if he had one more magic attack monster, he would have won the battle. Special praise goes to my vulture; he was very good at finishing the job that others started.

And that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!


I should try to use the vulture a bit more then

it would be a good idea to do that.
you can combine your vulture cards to make them stronger. just click the combine button
be careful not to click the CONVERT TO DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS button.
if you click that button, you will lose your card. ASTA LA VISTA