Phantom of the Abyss - Surprisingly effective

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Haven't been able to fully explore the new Untamed set of cards since it is so hard to level them up to a competitive level. So far I had only maxed a couple of legendaries while the rest of common/rares/epics are delegated to a gold level alt. Will spend some time to try out that account.

Phantom of the Abyss


One of the first card that I managed to maxed is the Phantom of the Abyss, the 10 mana legendary monster from Water splinter. At first glance, I really thought this is a useless card that can't seem to fit into any deck, mostly due to his high mana cost and low health.

Flying and Dodge plus 6 speed means the Phantom is similar to Cocatrice, miss miss and miss. But I am not sure how many players would dare to put him (at 10 mana) as the tank. It just isn't worth the risk.

And with only debuffing abilities, most players will find him not attractive to use.

After having the Phantom for many weeks, I decided to try giving him more play time. Been looking out for the suitable ruleset to fit him in. And finally, on the hour of this season, I gave him a chance. A risky choice given that I am fighting to get into that top50 spot. Well, the Phantom didn't disappoint!

Battle #1

Ruleset: Close Range + Melee Mayhem
Mana: 27
I kinda anticipate this lambo is going for Earth Splinter since Rennyn is his favourite summoner so I went with Phantom and Naga for a double headwind and got some luck when both the opponent's sniper miss my phantom! Once the chicken died and Phantom took over tank position, it is game over. Most misses from the opponent while my team slowly chipped away the LA.

The Headwinds ability is great in this ruleset when you know the opponent will go heavy with Ranged attacks.

Battle #2

Ruleset: Target Practise
Mana: 35
This nerve wrecking battle was 5 minutes before the season end and I was glad to have won it, pushing my rank into top38. I always like to put a magic monster as tank in Target Practise and was pondering between Gold Dragon or Phantom. Decided to risk this new guy and the plan worked perfectly. Couple of misses from the Impaler and easily won the match.

Pretty happy with the result of the experiment and I guess I will start to use him more often. Similar to cocatrice, a card like this is always high risk high gain. When the plan works accordingly, it gives much more satisfaction than using the boring Prince Rennyn.


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very nice, man

He avoid a lots of attacks

Super Cool ! I also loved this card and have been using it in the last position where it is also very good, it is hard to hit him with sneak and from behind he will bomb the enemy with magic for a long time. Great post.

A nice card, I have one at level 1 recently did this

I call it may the miss be with you,(lol)😆

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Nice. I've only seen that one in battle, but I'm slowly accumulating as I buy/win untamed packs. Working on the Kraken at the moment. Trying to make my Water splinter my go-to for Unlimited Mana matches.

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